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12 February 2020

Arbitrators’ mistakes – do major consequences matter?

Mistakes can happen in arbitration awards and the Arbitration Act 1996 contains a mechanism to correct accidental slips or omissions 

20 November 2020

COP26 and its impact on rural land

COP26 is happening in the UK in November 2020. This matters for the agricultural sector
19 February 2020

Expert witnesses: the ALT bares its teeth, and bites

Tribunal attacks independence of expert witness and imposes severe costs penalty

27 May 2020

Food fraud: how will Brexit affect fraud in the food supply chain?

The rules around food safety and labelling requirements are clear and robust. Problems arise, however, on both an EU and a UK scale when it comes to dealing with fraud in the food supply chain.
09 November 2017

Important landowner success in Rees v Earl of Plymouth

Landlords’ rights of entry should be interpreted sensibly and in context - a significant decision supporting landlords’ rights of access on tenanted land
01 July 2020

When is a farmhouse not a farmhouse?

Reassurance for farmers concerned that Inheritance Tax relief might not be available due to low level farming activities in the years prior to their deaths

17 January 2020

Food law is for farmers too

What is the relevance of food law to farmers and landowners, whose main preoccupation now is watching the development of a new UK Agriculture Policy?
22 December 2017

Constructive dismissal and the effect of delay in resigning

Burges Salmon acted for the employer in the case of Colomar Mari v Reuters Ltd, successfully arguing before the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) that the employee was not too unwell to resign.
12 February 2015

Employment Edit – what's new in employment law

Limited companies, LLPs and age discrimination; the death of safe harbor; shared parental leave and pay for working grandparents by 2018. 
08 October 2015

Employment Edit – what's new in employment law

Employer not liable for an employee's psychiatric illness caused by occupational stress; The Woolworths case; the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill; and more...
09 April 2015

Employment Edit – what's new in employment law

Collective consultations are set to revert to the original position; attending health and safety committee meetings counts as 'working time'; and British Gas has now appealed Lock v British Gas. 
07 May 2015